Cologne - Monte Orfano


Il Monte Orfano

Monte Orfano is a pre-Alpine hill located on the southwestern edge of Franciacorta, extended among the territories of Coccaglio, Cologne, Erbusco and Rovato.

On the map, it shows an elongated shape and it is isolated from other hills: due to this particular condition the hill was named “Orfano” (Orphan).

 Monte Orfano is the only hill of marine origin of the Miocene age in the Po Valley.

This is also attested by microfossils that allow the identification of coastal sedimentations.

The hill was also exploited to extract the “conglomerate”, a sedimentary rock made by gravelly and pebbly elements, which fortifications, houses and religious buildings were built with. In some areas there are sandstone banks and at 20 or 30 meters deep, banks of a marly nature can be found.

Peculiar is the “Red Earth”, which confirms the presence of calcareous soils: this particular phenomenon is due to the mix of clayey soils and iron oxide. Hydrological wealth and soil fertility were enhanced and organized to reach full development with Benedictine and Cluniac monasticism, when the morainic agricultural area and the contiguous one were divided into farms. These favorable conditions, together with the minerality of the soil, make wines of this area unique.


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