Straw yellow in color with slight greenish reflections, it has a typical bouquet of floral aromas and yeasts; on the palate soft, fresh, complex and mineral.


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Franciacorta Brut

“Anima franciacortina”

Our Brut expresses the whole soul of the terroir, elegant but with a strong character.

The choice of a lightly dosed Franciacorta with a fine and velvety perlage allowed us to offer a wine that speaks for itself: a combination of minerality and freshness.

The palate is struck at first by a softness that envelops it, and then leaves space for a minerality that is perceived in a crescendo of structure, harmony and persistence.

These traits make the BENEDETTA BUIZZA Brut a wine suitable for any occasion; able to give great emotions even with the most complex gastronomic combinations.

Franciacorta Satèn

“La moda passa, lo stile resta”

With this Franciacorta we wanted to bring out precisely its category: a wine with a dense and creamy perlage, which immediately reveals a bouquet of white flowers and vanilla.

Also in this case the choice of a low sugar dosage has allowed us to fully enhance a Chardonnay in purity. Carefully selected from each of our vines with different terroirs, it is then assembled to create a Franciacorta that wants to amaze from the first moment.

On the palate you are struck by the flavor that combined with freshness invites you to drink.

The Satèn BENDETTA BUIZZA can therefore be summed up in three words: velvety, elegant and timeless.

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